Agency Drivers can relieve your organisation of the expense—and the hassle—of placing advertisements and recruiting drivers, so you can focus on your core business activities. When you consider that a single 9cm x 3 column advertisement in one Surrey group of newspapers costs over £1,400 – for just one insertion, the value of using us to recruit qualified drivers becomes even more apparent! Our financial commitment to advertising allows us to increase pressure as the market dictates, leaving one less thing for you to be concerned about.

What a driver sees in the local paper or on our website or hears in our radio commercial is his first impression of Agency Drivers and, by implication, of your company to whom he may eventually be assigned.

That is why we take utmost care to ensure that our advertisements are always professional, informative and honest, and that we use only the most reputable media channels. Our publicity is direct and informative, stating clearly what we offer and presented in a style appropriate to the target audience.

Advertising is a major commitment on our part to the importance of efficient recruitment. Let Agency Drivers take on the task of recruiting the best drivers for your business. Call us on 01483 302030 or send an email to We will be happy to discuss your needs.

We specialise in the recruitment of experienced professional drivers and transport staff. Our register of the best temps is also an excellent source of potential permanent staff. Whether your need is for Class I or II drivers, 7500kg, multi-drop or chauffeurs, we can help.

Your particular staff requirements can readily be satisfied by our staff search service. Tell us what sort of person you want and what the job entails. If we do not happen to have the right person registered with us, we will:

  • Conduct the search for you.
  • Conduct preliminary interviews.
  • Take up references.
  • Present you with a short list of the best candidates available.

Our fee, expressed as a proportion of the gross annual salary, is payable only when you have made a firm offer to our candidate. Of course, if the employee should not prove satisfactory or should leave within three months, for whatever reason, an appropriate refund of the fee will be made in accordance with our terms of business.



Call us on 01483 302030 or click the button below and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.