Agency Drivers surveyed several hundred clients to assess what they required from the agency and its drivers. The outcome confirmed our belief that Agency Drivers does not recruit drivers for itself, but for its clients. Our staff and drivers must be customer orientated. In order to achieve this an in-house training programme has been developed which concentrates on training our drivers and office staff in Customer Care.

One of the major failings of some of our competitors is to send drivers on assignment with no knowledge of the duties they are to perform, and little or no awareness of the individual procedures for that particular client. At Agency Drivers we take pride in our working knowledge and understanding of customers requirements. It is normal for at least one of our office staff to have visited each of our clients and their traffic office in order to gain first hand experience of what is required. In turn, we are able to brief drivers on what is required and give them as much information as possible before they arrive on site.

Our operating staff are selected for their commitment to service.

At Agency Drivers we insist that the consultant who answers the telephone, understands your requirements and the workings of your business. Our people appreciate the pressures of a busy transport office and know from first hand experience the particulars of different vehicles, equipment and deliveries.

We are dedicated to improving standards in the supply of temporary staff to the haulage industry.

As part of our initiative to significantly raise the standards and level of proficiency among temp drivers, we offer an ongoing programme of effective training, enabling drivers to perfect their current skills and build new ones.

Any candidate who does not meet our standards, or show the potential for doing so, is rejected during our stringent recruitment process. This may even include drivers who already hold an LGV licence. On the other hand, our recruitment staff are also adept at spotting potential in drivers who may simply lack experience. Such drivers are excellent candidates for our training, from which they will emerge as capable professionals, ready to take on any assignment.


‘’Providing the flexible, reliable workforce-just when you need it!’’